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Phys­ioS­tim : the guar­an­tee of con­fi­den­tial­ity and reli­able GLP data

Phys­ioS­tim selects and works hand in hand with only the top experts in car­diac elec­tro­phys­i­ol­ogy.
PhysioStim’s know-​how is based on the back­ground and the exper­tise of its scientists.

Our sci­en­tists guarantee :

  • Reli­able advices
  • Respected dead­lines
  • Qual­ity at all phases of the study

Phys­ioS­tim is for our clients syn­ony­mous of :

  • Close Rela­tion­ship through a priv­i­leged inter­locu­tor, the study direc­tor, who keeps you informed of all study events.
  • Con­tin­u­ous in-​house train­ing of all our staff members
  • GLP environment
  • Tra­ca­bil­ity of all the study data
  • Val­i­dated data either GLP or “GLP-​spirit” sta­tus, all raw data are audited by our Qual­ity Assur­ance Department

Ethic: Respect and impor­tance of ethic rules by PhysioStim

  • 3 Rs prin­ci­ples: Refine– Reduce– Replace - EMEA require both in vivo and in vitro stud­ies before approval for human use.

All employ­ees involved in ani­mal stud­ies received a spe­cific training.