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The use of a fully inte­grated bio­log­i­cal sys­tem like Human Induced Pluripo­tent Stem Cell Derived Ven­tric­u­lar Car­diomy­ocytes (hiPSC-​CMs) is a key part of the CIPA ini­tia­tive. In the same time, this hiPSC-​CMs model is a good alter­na­tive to ex-​vivo mod­els and offer both acute and long-​term expo­sure experiments.

In addi­tion to the action poten­tial record­ings using the man­ual patch-​clamp tech­nic than we can pro­pose in house (for more details, see there), based on strong col­lab­o­ra­tions with our pref­er­en­tial part­ners, we have access to a vari­ety of com­mer­cially avail­able iPSC-​derived car­diomy­ocyte cell lines which have been exten­sively val­i­dated on sev­eral plat­forms. We are able to pro­pose higher throuput mon­i­tor­ing of the phys­i­o­log­i­cal func­tion in the iPSC-​derived car­diomy­ocyte cell line of your choose using the micro­elec­trode array (MEA) tech­nique (Axion Mae­stro MEA, Multi Chan­nel System-​96 wells plat­forms) or dual MEA/​impedance plat­forms (CardioExcyte96, xCEL­Li­gence RTCA car­dio ECR plat­forms). For more details, This email address is being pro­tected from spam­bots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..