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Iso­lated Organ Bath

Study of contractility

More and more mol­e­cules show car­diac adverse events on con­trac­til­ity and are usu­ally detected at late stage. Between the early hERG screen­ing assay and the high cost in vivo teleme­try stud­ies, the Iso­lated Organ Bath setup con­sti­tutes an afford­able ex vivo model to detect drug-​induced effects on con­trac­til­ity (inotro­pism). Pre­clin­i­cal deter­mi­na­tion of inotro­pism mod­i­fi­ca­tion may pro­vide valu­able infor­ma­tion for pre­dict­ing tox­i­c­ity in man.

Effects induced by the test arti­cle on the con­trac­til­ity in iso­lated organ bath setup. The tis­sue (iso­lated pap­il­lary mus­cle in this exam­ple) is fixed in the organ bath cham­ber and elec­tri­cally stim­u­lated. The evoked twitch force is recorded using a pres­sure transducer.

Mea­sured Para­me­ters:
  • Sys­tolic ten­sion (Peak)
  • Dias­tolic ten­sion (Base)
  • Devel­oped ten­sion (dF)

figures contractility