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Guinea-​Pig cardiomyocytes

Guinea-​pig ven­tric­u­lar car­diomy­ocytes are iso­lated by enzy­matic diges­tion. This model allows to reduce the num­ber of ani­mals (one ani­mal can pro­vide sev­eral experiments)

Mea­sured para­me­ters:
  • Rest­ing Poten­tial (mV)
  • Ampli­tude (mV)
  • Action Poten­tial Dura­tion at 20% and 90% repo­lar­i­sa­tion (ADP20, ADP90) (ms)

Ref­er­ence com­pounds (pos­i­tive con­trols) tested:

  • quin­dine
  • nifedip­ine
  • dofetilide
  • ver­a­pamil
  • E-​4031
  • bepridil
  • meflo­quine
figure CM cobaye dofetilide
figure CM cobaye nifedipine