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Iso­lated Per­fused Heart

ECG record­ings

Effects induced by the test arti­cle on left ven­tric­u­lar car­diac func­tion and car­diac elec­tri­cal activ­ity in iso­lated Lan­gen­dorff per­fused guinea-​pig or rat hearts

Elec­tro­car­dio­grams, left ven­tric­u­lar pres­sure para­me­ters and coro­nary flow are recorded in hearts per­fused at a con­stant pressure.

ECG record­ings in ischaemic con­di­tions (low coro­nary flow).

Hemo­dy­nam­ics and ECG mea­sured para­me­ters:
  • Coro­nary flow
  • Heart rate
  • Left ven­tric­u­lar pres­sure para­me­ters:
    • Devel­oped pressure
    • Max dP/​dt: max­i­mal con­trac­tion veloc­ity (mmHg/​s)
    • Min dP/​dt: max­i­mal relax­ation veloc­ity (mmHg/​s)
  • ECG para­me­ters
    • PR, QRS, RR and QT inter­val (ms)
    • Tpe inter­val: dis­per­sion of repo­lar­i­sa­tion (ms)
  • Arrhyth­mia: AV-​block, tor­sade de pointe, ven­tric­u­lar fib­ril­la­tion, tacchicardia…

figure 1 isolated perfused heart
figure 2 isolated perfused heart