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hKV4.3 assays on Chi­nese Ham­ster Ovary (CHO) cells

Since the KV4.3 potas­sium chan­nel plays an impor­tant role in car­diac action poten­tial repo­lar­i­sa­tion, a phar­ma­co­log­i­cal reduc­tion of the Ito cur­rent may delay the repo­lar­i­sa­tion process and may lead to a pro­lon­ga­tion of the QT inter­val. Thus the KV4.3 potas­sium chan­nel rep­re­sent a spe­cific tar­get for the car­diac safety assessment

Stim­u­la­tion pro­to­col:
  • stim­u­la­tion fre­quency: 0.1 Hz

Mea­sured para­me­ters:
  • Ampli­tude of the tail cur­rent upon depo­lar­iza­tion to +40mV (pA)
  • Ampli­tude of the base cur­rent at –80mV (pA)
  • Inhi­bi­tion of KV4.3 peak cur­rent amplitude (%)
  • IC50 value
Ref­er­ence com­pounds or pos­i­tive con­trols



fle­caïnide 19.6µM

The Kv4.3 potas­sium chan­nel avail­able at Phys­ioS­tim is expressed in CHO division-​arrested cells, sup­plied by ChanTest.